Welcome to the Montford Point Marines of Atlanta Chapter 5, where history and dedication intersect. Our chapter proudly holds a unique connection with the vibrant city of Atlanta, a city that has not only welcomed diversity but has been shaped by the remarkable contributions of its own Montford Point Marines.

Several men from Atlanta embarked on their journey as Montford Point Marines, leaving an indelible mark on both our nation and our city. Among them, William Henry Greason stands as an embodiment of resilience. After training at Montford Point and serving with the all-black 66th Supply Platoon on Iwo Jima during World War II, Greason returned to Atlanta and went on to play two seasons with the semi-pro Atlanta All-Stars football team. Most notably, he had a historic baseball career playing for several teams in the Negro leagues and eventually in the major leagues and was the teammate of the late great Willie Mays.

Howard Baugh, another courageous Montford Point Marine, not only fought on Iwo Jima but also later became a trailblazer for Atlanta's police force. In 1955, he made history as Atlanta's first black police detective, sergeant, captain, and assistant chief. His commitment to service transcended the battlefield, contributing to shaping Atlanta's law enforcement landscape.

Ernest H. Lyons, Atlanta's first black police officer, broke barriers and paved the way for future generations. His dedication to public service echoes the spirit of the Montford Point Marines.

Dr. Lee Shelton, a pioneer civil rights activist, and esteemed general practitioner was honored with the medical association's highest award. His journey from Montford Point to the forefront of the civil rights movement showcases the profound impact Montford Point Marines had beyond the battlefield.

Ambassador Theodore Britton, a resident of Atlanta, exemplifies the heights of achievement Montford Pointers reached. His service not only included being a Montford Point Marine but also being appointed as an Ambassador by several U.S. Presidents, highlighting the remarkable trajectory of these Marines.

Master Sergeant Willie Miller was a native of Atlanta, Georgia.  He joined the Marine Corps on April 16, 1943 and was trained at Montford Point.  He served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam, receiving a discharge on May 31, 1968. 

As Montford Point Marines Atlanta Chapter 5, we celebrate these individuals who returned to Atlanta after their service, contributing to the fabric of our city's history and progress. Our commitment to preserving the legacy of Montford Point Marines is interwoven with the stories of those who called Atlanta home and continued to make an impact even after their military service. Join us as we honor their legacy and continue their mission of service, dedication, and progress.

Meet The Original Montford Point Marines of Atlanta Chapter 5

Mr. James Pack

Born 1923

Montford Point Camp 1943

Ambassador Theodore Britton Jr

Born 1925

Montford Point Camp 1944

Dr Lee Raymond Shelton

Born 1927

Montford Point Camp 1946

Featured member

James Pack

Worked in local steel mill after graduation 

Athletic Hall of Fame East Liverpool High School

Original Montford Point Marine

Montford Point Camp 1943-1946

World War II/Saipan, Okinawa

Retired from Civil Service after a 35 year career

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