Black History Month

The “Original” Montford Point Marines. These were the Marines
that integrated the Marine Corps back in 1942. They had to train at Camp
Montford Point aboard the infamous Camp Lejeune, NC because they were not
allowed to train at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, SC or San Diego,
CA. For seventy years the country did not recognize or lift-up their importance
and their contributions to the war efforts.


However, through many years of perseverance of “The Montford
Point Marine Association”, we have and still are fighting hard to “Preserve the
Legacy” of these giants. These Men will finally get their recognition by being awarded “The Congressional Gold Medal” the nation’s highest civilian honor.  In November 2011, the Congress passed the bill by a vote of 422 to 0; it sailed through the Senate and on November 23, 2011,
President Obama signed it into law. Additionally, the Marine Corps awards 68 Frederick C. Branch Scholarships (full tuition/board) and a monthly stipend to 17 HBCU’s each year. The Montford Pointers also have a ship named after them that will be operational in 2015 called the USNS MONTFORD POINT.


We are in the process of building a $1.8 million Memorial (outside of Camp Lejeune, NC) to “Preserve the Legacy” of these Men. There were 20,000 men that trained at Camp Montford Point from 1942 – 1949 and today there are less than 500 of them that are alive today.  We are blessed and honored to have 12 “Originals” in our local chapter:  Mr. Joseph Stinchcomb, Rev. John Brown, Mr. James Pack, Mr. Willie Miller, Mr. Henry Jackson, Ambassador Theodore Britton, Mr. Lorenzo Wallace, Mr. Alonza Jones, Mr. Calvin Jones, Mr. Angus Jamerson, Mr. John Swanson and Mr. Ozell Sutton.


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