Queen Contest Fundraiser

The purpose of the Queen Contest is to raise funds to support national and chapter level programs which are in alignment with the mission of the Association to preserve the legacy of the Montford Point Marines. Programs include, but are not limited to, activities to educate the public about the history of Montford Point Camp, North Carolina and the nearly 20,000 African American men who trained there from 26 August 1942 – 9 September 1949; and programs that support service to the community which encourages comradeship, fellowship, and Esprit De Corps common to all members of the Association. 

Meet the 2024 Atlanta Chapter 5 Queen

Elizabeth "Libby" Clardy is a driven and accomplished individual pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management at Agnes ScottCollege in Decatur, GA, with an expected graduation date of May 2024. With a keen interest in leadership, business development, and strategic planning, Libby has honed her skills and knowledge through academic coursework and practical experiences.

In the professional realm, she has gained practical experience through various roles, including their current position as an Operations and Partnerships Associate at WRK in Decatur, GA. In this role, she excelled in managing relationships with internal teams and external partners, such as PGA of America, and leveraging her strong interpersonal skills to facilitate effective communication and collaboration on behalf of the CEO.

Following graduation in May 2024, Libby is thrilled to embark on the next chapter of her journey as a participant in the Atlanta Zacchaeus Fellowship. This prestigious program offers a unique opportunity for personal and professional development, allowing her to immerse herself in Atlanta's vibrant business landscape while honing her skills and expanding her network.

Libby is honored and humbled at the opportunity to represent Atlanta Chapter 5 as the Chapter Queen and is excited to help raise funds that will provide educational opportunities for young men and women as well as bring more awareness to the service and sacrifice of the Original Montford Point Marines. She is counting on your support to win the title of National Queen. 

You can support Libby by clicking on the raffle ticket below and ordering an amount which will be shipped to you, or if you wish to donate without participating in the raffle, click donate  to make your tax deductible donation. 

Queen Contest Fundraiser

Support our Chapter Queen on her quest for the title of Nation al Queen of the National Montford Point Marine Association, Inc.

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