Congressional Gold Medal

On Nov. 23, 2011, President Barack Obama signed into law the legislation to award the Congressional Gold Medal to the Montford Point Marines. This award recognizes Montford Point Marines' contributions to the Marine Corps and the United States of America from 1942 to 1949, during a time of hardship and segregation.

Nearly 20,000 Marines were trained at Montford Point, North Carolina from 1942-1949. Every aspect of their training was segregated from their white counterparts. They were housed in prefabricated huts and railroad tracks separated white residents from the training camp. They were only permitted on the main base of Camp Lejeune if they were escorted by a white Marine. 

How can you help?

The Atlanta Chapter of the National Montford Point Marine Association Inc is committed to ensuring all Original Montford Marines receive the recognition they deserve for their service and sacrifice to this Nation. Since many of them have departed this Earth, that means finding the remaining families and present them with the medal in honor of their loved one's service. 

If you know of a Veteran who you think may be an Original Montford Point Marine, or know of family who discusses the service of someone who may have been a Montford Marine, please follow the steps below and/or reach the contact information below for help.

The Search Continues for “Montford Pointers”

Do you have a family member or friend who was a Montford Point Marine? Some “Montford Pointers,” as they are often called, left the service and rarely discussed this chapter of their lives. If you know a Montford Point Marine that has not been recognized, contact us at

Note: To be documented and receive the medal, individuals or their families must show their discharge documents. The medal can be awarded posthumously to family members.

Step 1: locate discharge papers

Step 2: contact your local Montford Marines Chapter. In your response, please include your name, relationship to MPM, mailing address, phone number and the Montford Pointers date of death.

Once these documents are received and verified, we will coordinate the best date and time to present the Montford Point Marine their Congressional Gold Medal or designated family member on their behalf. 

Atlanta Chapter 5 contact information: 404-939-0453

Thank you for your inquiry about the eligibility for the Congressional Gold Medal.  The Congressional Gold Medal was awarded, collectively, to the 1st African American Marines (Montford Point Marines) that underwent segregated Marine Corps Recruit Training at Montford Point Camp, near Jacksonville, North Carolina from August 26th 1942- September 9th 1949 on June 27th 2012 in Washington, DC. 

The National Montford Point Marine Association Inc. (NMPMA) is the approving authority to; first verify their service at Montford Point Camp from 1942-1949 and arrange an appropriate ceremony for the Medal presentation. In order for the NMPMA to verify their service, Montford Point Marines or their families, must submit a copy of the Marine’s Discharge (front and back) or a Military discharge form DD214.  Keep in mind the DD214 was not used until 1950 so a front and back copy of the discharge is the most appropriate document. If the family has no copy of the discharge or DD214 they may request one through the National Personnel Records Center by filling out and signing their SF180 or Standard Form, 180.  


mobile : (404) 939-0453

ional Montford Point Marine Association, Inc. Atlanta Chapter 5

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National Montford Point Marine Association, Inc. Atlanta Chapter 5

PO Box 7601

Marietta, GA 30065

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